Identify pertinent vocabulary words in Go Ask Alice.

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Naturally, I think that the drug culture offers vocabulary that could be used. For example, the idea of the different drugs featured, such as LSD, heroin, or marijuana could all be examples of vocabulary words.  I also think that vocabulary could be developed to describe the girl, herself.  For example, "addiction" could be an excellent word to employ and investigate as well as "self- destruction" or "self- hate."  These are terms that can be used to describe what happens to Alice and her own feelings about why she does what she does.  One of the advantages of the diary format of the book is that the reader is able to see in an almost clinical form what is happening to Alice.  This means that the vocabulary generated can be applied in a clinical manner, so that one can examine the power of words such as "pathological" in this manner.  Vocabulary can also be applied to specific situations in the narrative.  When the girl and Chris promise to stay clean and support one another, terms like "solidarity" and "redemption" can be used to describe the experience.  When both of them fail in their attempts and end up becoming victimized, the terms of "violation" or even a discussion about "rape" can be brought out.  The idea of "rape" being a construct of power can be a discussion that is powerfully brought out in this condition.

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