Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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What are some propaganda techniques used in Animal Farm?

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In Animal Farm, we see a wide number of propaganda techniques at work. Fear, for example, is used by Old Major in Chapter One when he tells the animals that his death is imminent and that he must pass on his wisdom before he dies. This forces the animals to listen out of fear that they might miss something important. In addition, Old Major also uses a technique called scapegoating to portray humans as the enemy of all animals when he says,

Man serves the...

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ejharvey | Student

In Animal Farm, propaganda is almost always the work of Squealer, a pig who helps Napoleon take power and implement his policies on the farm. There are many examples, including:

Using fear by convincing the animals that Jones will return if they do not follow Napoleon's policies.

Vilifying and scapegoating Snowball. Snowball was originally a leader of the animal rebellion, but after Napoleon chased him away, Squealer spread the lies that he was a traitor who had plotted against the other animals. Throughout the story, Napoleon and Squealer revise the history regarding Snowball to make him appear more villainous, and they blame every problem the farm encounters on his treachery and plots.

Using euphemisms like "readjustment" rather than "reduction" of rations to make the farm's troubles seem less serious.

Teaching the sheep to chant "four legs good, two legs bad" and later "four legs good, two legs better" in order to disrupt meetings and prevent debate.

Changing the "seven commandments of animalism" to agree with the pigs' new privileges and activities, such as sleeping in beds, drinking alcohol, and walking on two legs. The animals were not smart enough to realize that the commandments had been changed, and were convinced that the pigs were behaving according to the original commandments.