What were some problems Victor faced?

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Victor Villasenor was born in California in 1940 and raised on a ranch near Oceanside, CA.  Victor faced several problems growing up during that time which ultimately turned into the greatest influences in his life.  For starters, being raised in a Mexican household, Victor spoke only Spanish when he started school.  Obviously this caused several problems by itself.  Victor had trouble understanding the teachers and other students at school.  It also encouraged discrimination from others because he was seen as a poor Mexican, ignorant and stupid.  The label of stupid was assisted because he had trouble reading, which was eventually diagnosed as dyslexia. 

These troubles eventually forced Victor to abandon school in high school.  He traveled to Mexico where he was exposed to the richness of Mexican art.  Upon returning to the US at twenty, he still faced discrimination because of his heritage and lack of formal education.  Victor received well over two hundred rejections before he finally published his first novel "Macho!"

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