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Identify the challenge that has tended to exist in newly independent nations that experienced a long period of Colonial rule.

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Part of where this answer lies is in the realm of Postcolonial thought.  When trying to assess the challenges that have tended to exist in newly formed nations is how to construct reality after Colonial rule has ended.  I think that this is where the basic challenge in forming a Postcolonial reality has existed.  From a philosophical point of view, self- definition as self is difficult when self- definition had been viewed as that of "the other."  Through Colonialism, there was a reality that underscores  what identity means.  This is transformed in Postcolonialism, where reality defines identity in much different terms.  Practically, this brings itself out in how nations govern themselves and how internal disputes indigenous to a nation that were repressed during Colonial rule now emerge, making stable government very difficult.  No better is this seen than in India, unified in its hatred of the British, but then forcing itself to reflect its own sense of identity in Partition and the brutality that emerged out of this period.  The challenge of recognizing what identity is out of the shadow of being "the other" is what helps to make construction of stable government so difficult.  This is one example of how there is a fundamental challenge that tends to exist in nations that experience a long period of Colonial rule.  There is a challenge in how the nation sees itself, in terms of no longer seeing itself as "the other" but rather as a holistic vision of identity.  Transitioning from one vision to the alternate one is not an easy task for many nations.

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