What are some problems and solutions in The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare? 

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Throughout the novel, Daniel struggles to control his anger with the occupying Roman forces and Leah battles her inner demons. Thacia tries her best to positively influence Daniel, but Daniel is too stubborn to let go of his vow to fight against the Romans. As the novel progresses, Daniel begins to listen to Jesus preach and Daniel's relationship with his sister improves. When Daniel tells Leah about Jesus' messages, Leah comes out of her shell and thrives. Daniel's relationship with Thacia also begins to grow, and Daniel starts to have feelings for her. However, Daniel's hate and bitterness ruin each of his relationships. Daniel cannot accept Jesus' tolerant disposition towards the Romans and holds onto his hate. He threatens Marcus, the Roman soldier who has been speaking to Leah, which negatively affects Leah's well-being. Daniel also rejects Thacia's love because of his vow to fight the Romans. It is only when Daniel destroys each of his relationships and loses hope that he decides to follow Jesus. At the end of the novel, Jesus heals Leah and Daniel accepts Jesus' message of love. Daniel then marries Thacia and invites Marcus into his home.

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