What are some problems the colonial empire caused Britain?   

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Great Britain established its empire, it received many benefits from the empire. These benefits included economic, political, and social ones. However, there were times when having a colonial empire caused problems for Great Britain. I will focus my answer on the problems with the American colonies although many of these issues could apply to their colonies elsewhere.

After controlling the colonies for a period of time, the colonists became upset with some of the policies and laws that were passed. The colonists felt the tax laws were unfair and illegal because the colonists didn’t have representatives in Parliament who could vote for or vote against the tax laws. The colonists also felt the British were restricting their freedom by passing the Proclamation of 1763 and allowing searches of the colonists to deter smuggling. When the colonists refused to obey some of these laws, this caused problems for the Great Britain.

Eventually, events became more violent. The British needed more soldiers in the colonies to enforce the policies that were passed and, at times, to keep order. The presence of these troops and the colonists’ refusal to follow laws led to conflict. Fighting broke out, drawing Great Britain into costly conflicts.

While there were benefits of having colonies, there were also drawbacks at times.

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