What are some of the problems associated with blogging news on the internet? 

Expert Answers
wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The single most exasperating problem is anonymity vs. accreditation.  The linchpin of traditional journalism has always been the identification and therefore integrity of the news reportage.  But on blogging sites, the pseudonyms allow a blogger to hide his or her identity, and therefore reputation.  Secondly, the dissemination of news is uncontrolled, and therefore rumor and innuendo are compounded and spread without any way to retrieve or correct the information.  Finally, the term “news” is stretched on a blog to include personal, emotional, and otherwise non-newsworthy information (which would not make it through the gamut of editors in a print source.)  Blogs are fine, but attaching the word “news” to their ouput taints the discipline of responsible journalism, and its function in a healthy society—to keep “citizens” (in the Greek sense of the word) informed and therefore able to make choices based on knowledge.