What are some possible themes in chapter 11 of The Autobiography of Malcolm X?

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I think that some of the most predominant themes in the "Saved" chapter is how Malcolm finds redemption in religion.  In my mind, this is probably one of the strongest themes to come out of the chapter.  The theme of redemption in religion is what Malcolm comes to realize in this chapter.  Additionally, I think that another theme that emerges is one of self- transformation in terms of identity. Through religion, Malcolm emerges as an individual who is able to change himself, yet again.  One of the strongest themes in the work is the idea of how individuals can change and in the process of being in the world.  The role of religion in terms of transformation of identity is seen in "Saved" as Malcolm better understands his own sense of self in the world and what he is now to do with it.  He recognizes that his role as a man of color in a world where racism and discrimination are embedded within it are essential to ths chapter.  It is through religion and a spiritual notion of self whereby Malcolm is able to understand this conception of self and change within it.


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