What are some possible source of errors in a science assignment?please list all the possible errors!!!!

lambertd | Student

Just to list a few that are generic:

Equipment - Either wrong equipment used or the equipment does not measure to the proper level of precision. If you used a beaker to measure 30 mL instead of a graduated cylinder you could only measure to .0 mL where as with a graduated cylinder you could measure to the .00mL

Contamination of chemicals if it is chemistry.

did not conduct the proper number of trials normally 3 is acceptable

Rounding of data to early

Humidity exposure of items such as salt that obsorb water vapor from the atmosphere.

It would help to know the experiment but I hope these help.

rosskomenda | Student

well, that depends on the experiment.  for example wind could be a source of error if your expirement is outside becasue you have no control over it.  you could of added too little or too much ingridients in whatever you are doing.

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