What are some possible research questions regarding Australian women in WWII?

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The topic you have come up with is very interesting because Australian women were very active in World War II. I'm going to suggest some areas that made them different from other women during this war for you to research. You will need to decide what interests you the most in order to formulate the research question you want to dig into.

First of all, one question could concern the AWLA and whether it was important. Interestingly enough, the AWLA, Australian Women's Land Army, was formed so women could help in the war effort. They volunteered to learn how to farm the land and went to rural areas where they were trained to work in farming industries. These women took the place of the men who went to war or otherwise were involved in the war effort. A question derived from the AWLA could ask: Was the AWLA effective or not?

Other possible research questions could concern the role of women taking on traditional men's jobs during the war while the men were fighting. What were these jobs and were the women successful? What recruitment programs were used in Australia for this type of labor? Also, were Australian women engaged as nurses or doctors during WWII, and if so, what roles did they play?

The above are only some questions to get you started. Good Luck!

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A research question is something you as the writer come up with to focus your essay. It should go beyond something like "explain your topic." You of course want to explain your topic as part of your essay, but the research question covers the overall argument you are making with your paper.

The list you provided is a good starting point for research. Do some brief reading to find out information on the topic, such as jobs held, and figure out what subtopics provide you with plenty of research material. Once you find something that can be easily researched and also interests you, you can formulate your question.

Think of every essay as a way to persuade your reader of something. What can you persuade someone about Australian women in World War 2? With this mindset, create a question that is narrow enough to focus on and argue. So instead of "what did women do in the war" try "what jobs did women take to help the war effort."

The link provides more suggestions for developing strong research questions. Good luck!

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