What are some possible negative effects of people's reliance on computers?

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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the science-fiction movie The Terminator the machines had just about taken over the world and were in the process of wiping out the rest of mankind. This may be a good representation of what the future holds in store. Computers are only one part of the total picture. They are needed to program robots, and robots are no longer futuristic fantasies but contemporary reality.

Then there are all sorts of hand-held gadgets, including cell phones for people who have nothing to talk about so they can talk about nothing with each other. Many people have things plugged into their ears. Some people have cell phones attached somehow to their heads so that they can talk on their cell phones without having to hold them, making them appear to be talking to themselves. It would seem to be only a matter of time before computerized gadgets will be surgically implanted in people's heads, enabling them to communicate, record, store information, obtain directions, order groceries, and do anything else they want.

Some computers are already smarter than humans. For example, the world champion chess player was defeated by a computer. Now inventors are imbedding human genes in computer chips--or something like that--to help enable computers to think for themselves. Maybe they will think thoughts we wouldn't want them to think. It is not hard to imagine a futuristic world in which machines and robots do all the work and much of the thinking. What are humans supposed to be doing then? Will life for most people be nothing but a long vacation, lounging around swimming pools and sipping exotic cocktails? If humans become superfluous, then they had better try to hide that fact from their computers, because the computers might decide to terminate all of them.

Computers are putting millions of humans out of work. The displaced humans scramble around trying to find other jobs, but practically anything they can do can be done by a machine. Computers and related gadgets have people hypnotized, spellbound, captivated--and these gadgets are only in their infancy. No doubt they will be writing the books and the music of the future, as well as producing modern paintings. Many of the latest movies look as if they are already being written and produced by machines, and much of the popular music sounds the same. 

It looks to me as if a large percentage of humanity is already obsolete, because they don't have the intelligence to compete with computers for jobs. Here is a present-day real-life example of how the machines are taking over the world. They are already making a certain number of humans obsolete. Who's next?


normielutz | Student

Nowadays, computer is everywhere. While there are lot of things that people can do with a computer, there is also a negative effect in relying too much to it. Anything too much is bad. Here are examples of negative effect of relying to computer: 

1. Lacks quality time with family and friends. When a person gets too occupied using a computer, he/she spends more and more time playing with the computer or surfing the internet, and in return gets to spend lesser time in hanging out with friends and family. 

2. Business operation paralysis. If a business runs all transactions thru computer, if anything goes wrong, it slows down the business and even stop the operation of the business. 

3. Affects healths. Too much use of computer may lead to poor eyesight. Moreover, you may have repetitive strain injuries in your hands and your wrist.