what are some possible future outcomes for poverty?what are some possible future outcomes for poverty?

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I am not sure if you are referring to a particular person's poverty or on a societal level. A particular person can get out of poverty by increasing his skill set and avoiding or getting out of debt. It is never easy though. Poverty is difficult to overcome. On a societal level, we need to begin from the ground up by taking care of our children and making sure schools are a leveling factor.
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In terms of poverty, we have all the issues above to deal with around the world.  No one denies the need to help provide clean water, adequate food, and effective shelter for those in poverty. To that extent, I agree with all the posters above.  Poverty will always be with us, it seems, probably mostly due to the sheer numbers.  I'm always struck by facts like "it only takes $35 a month to provide clean drinking water to an entire family" or whatever.  That's an amazing thing, of course, and it's a worthy cause.  The number of families worldwide which need that help every month is just astounding to me.  I know, I know...one family at a time.  I just know it's bigger to me than seems do-able in any foreseeable future.  Gotta keep trying, though.

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I agree with post #2. We've reached a point where the global economy (not to mention the American economy) essentially relies on a segment of the population in poverty. While I can see how technology may be used to elevate food production/water purification, etc., I for one can't see it ever actually eliminating poverty.

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I would have to agree with brettd. Technology may be the key to alleviating some of the issues associated with poverty. Poverty is always going to exist but if technology is used to produce more food and water, etc. it may help some of the poverty issues in the world.

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Human population growth and limited natural resources have really boxed us in on this issue.  It is very difficult, if not practically impossible, for the world economy to advance to a point where poverty is less common when the population continues to grow at this rate.  We cannot create adequate fresh water supplies, and petroleum supplies are already limited.

Technology is the wild card.  Serious advances in agriculture or watershed protection/generation may alleviate these problems in at least the short term.  It is inevitable at some point, however, that nature will correct our overpopulation/poverty problems, just not in a way that's pretty to watch.

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There are any number of them I suppose, from continuing to act as the human ingredient in the recipe for increasing the wealth of the powerful elite up to and including some kind of apocalyptic event if you think about that sort of thing.

One of the biggest obstacles to the elimination or serious alleviation of the conditions of poverty is the fact that wealth and power are currently concentrated in the hands of a relatively small number of people and they have zero desire to allow the status quo to change in any way that doesn't give more of an advantage to them.  Part of this means maintaining a group of people in poverty.

Of course there is also the chance that continued enlighenment and more and more effective methods of working to change the condition of the millions of people even in this country for the better.  We can certainly hope for the latter.