What are some positives and negatives of globalization as it relates to the military?  

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although much of the discussion of globalization focuses on its economic and social effects, globalization also has military consequences, bot positive and negative. 

On a positive side, one can argue that globalization of trade, increased communication and transportation infrastructure, and greater exchange of ideas should lead to a decrease in global conflicts. For example, the growth in trade between the United States and China has greatly improved the relationship between the two countries over the past half century, although tensions still remain.

On the negative side, globalization means that sophisticated weapons systems are no longer the exclusive property of a small club of rich nations, but readily accessible to rogue states such as North Korea, and failed or failing states such as Syria, Somalia, and Yemen. Terrorist groups can obtain sophisticated shoulder-fired missiles and other military kit. Extreme Islamist groups such as IS can readily spread propaganda and recruit globally.

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