What are some positive traits for the character of Jack in Lord of the Flies?I know he's cruel and everything but I need some positive characteristics about him.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a truly difficult assignment, since Jack shows very few positive traits of any kind in Lord of the Flies. Jack does possess some abilities of leadership, since he is the "chapter chorister and head boy." (In addition to being the chief of the chorus, he is also the equivalent of president of the school student government.) He also shows guile in his various methods to secure power. He transforms the choir boys into a group of hunters; he also realizes that the beast on the mountain holds a mystical power over the littluns, and he seeks to keep its true identity a secret to maintain this hold. Jack further shows his cunning by attracting Ralph's loyal followers into his own camp with the promise of a great feast. Most of these examples are only of a slightly positive nature, but then Jack is the most evil human on the island.

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