The Market Revolution, Industrialization, and New Technologies

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What are some positive and negative words about the American industrial Revolution? 

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The American Industrial Revolution had some positive and negative characteristics associated with it. Some of the words that would reflect the positive characteristics would be economic growth, progress, the growth of the country, and increased trade. As a result of the Industrial Revolution, our economy grew. Many jobs were created by the growth of factories. New products were available. We were able to trade more products with other countries because we were making more products in the factories.

There was progress as a result of the Industrial Revolution. New inventions were made that helped make life easier. The mechanical reaper helped farmers with their work. Elias Howe invented the sewing machine. These and other inventions helped make life easier for Americans.

The Industrial Revolution also helped the country grow. With the development of the steam engine, it became easier for people to move to the west. As people moved to the west, the businesses followed. As more people moved westward, cities began to grow and develop. This led to more industrial development. Industries followed the westward movement of the people.

Some of the negative words associated with the Industrial Revolution are poor treatment of workers, pollution, and dangerous factories. As factories developed, workers found it more difficult to improve their pay and working conditions. Because there were many workers available, workers weren’t in a strong position to ask for more pay and improved working conditions.

The Industrial Revolution led to more pollution. The steam engine belched smoke into the air. Factories would often pollute the water supply. There were no laws to regulate the pollution caused by the factories. Pollution became a real issue with the growth of our industries.

Factories were often unsafe places to work. There were no safety laws to protect workers. Workers got hurt and would lose their jobs. There was no compensation for workplace related injuries.

The Industrial Revolution had both positive and negative characteristics associated with it. Some of these positive issues helped the country while some of these negative issues led to calls for reforms to correct the problems that existed.

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