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Examine positive influences that educators should leave with their students in their educational career.

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The great thinker Swami Vivekananda had some distinct views on education.  One of his ideas is that there is a direct connection between the external education instruction and the internal composition of the student:  "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man."  This represents one of the most positive influences that educators can seek to leave with their students.  This desire to manifest the perfection that is already embedded within individuals helps to create the idea that students can be able to accomplish great things.  At the same time, this idea helps to influence students to understand that the current composition of the modern classroom can be placed in a proper and healthy context.  The emphasis on standards based educational reform, high stakes standardized testing, constant emphasis on adequate yearly progress, as well as other external elements that have come to define education can all be understood in the paradigm that Swami establishes.  Students have greatness within them.  The teacher's function is to help the student recognize this and be able to summon it in the process of learning.  In this, the greatness of the student is revealed and the internal strength in which challenges of the modern setting can be confronted becomes evident.  This is a positive influence that educators can strive to impart to their students as it represents the ability to face all sorts of divergent challenges in a modern condition where change and adaptability are the key components of success.  Swami's idea of how all learners have the ability for greatness and success within them and only need to recognize it through the manifestation of work and action is where success lies and where modern educators can leave a positive influence within the lives of their students. 

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