What are some positive aspects of the society in Brave New World?  What are some positive aspects of the society in Brave New World?  

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One positive aspect is that pain is eliminated. For example, only women on the savage reservation give birth to children themselves. Civilized babies are test tube babies, therefore no mothers ever feel the pain of birth.

I agree with number 2. I don't like Mosquitos either! I guess you could say that a world in which things are controllable is advantageous. When something is going wrong, there is someone there to intervene and fix it. Thus the absence of mosquitoes I suppose.

What is intriguing, especially to young people, about this novel is the idea that nobody is left out. Everybody belongs to everybody...everybody has a role to play and everybody is conditioned to like the role they have been predestined to fill. In a world of increased bullying, isolation, and teen suicide due to people feeling like they don't belong and aren't worthy because they are not exactly like the "populars", this part of the Brave New World might have some merit.

The main goal of a utopia is to eliminate...

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