What are some political issues brought up in Brave New World that exist in the United States today?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a number of disturbing parallels between the technologically and politically revised America of today and Brave New World.

  • Thought control

In the New World of Huxley's novel, hypnopoedia indoctrinates children from their early childhood; in what has been deemed politically-correct America children are instructed in the correct way to feel about people who are "irregular," either physically or mentally. They are taught that they cannot speak certain words that are offensive to an ethnic group, they cannot mock people, especially certain ones in power, and so forth. The concept of freedom of speech has been refined to only allow what is not deemed offensive by those who hold the authority to punish. In colleges and universities, there have been and are professors counted among the members of groups who subvert the U.S. Constitution  and the principles of democracy (e.g. a former Weatherman responsible for bombings, such as the New York City Police Department in 1970 during the Vietnam War recently retired from the University of Chicago, a university ranked at the top for PhD. programs. He also had several elementary education theory books published). 

Another example of thought control is bias in the media. Since a very high percentage of journalists have admitted in surveys that they are of a certain political persuasion, there is a selective process given to what is reported on different news stations. As verification of the bias of the news media, one author has written a documented work of non-fiction entitled Collusion by Omission.  For decades, of course, major newspapers have been categorized as either liberal or conservative in thought.

  • Lack of freedom

In the New World, reports are made on people who are not adhering to standards. Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson are punished because they have sought to express their individualism. Likewise, with individuals of prominence who go against what is "conventional wisdom," comprehensive investigations are made and allegations brought against them--some of which are false, often in order to destroy their political careers. With the recent scandal of the National Security Administration's invasive use of private information, U.S. citizens are verily being watched. Likewise, the targeting of certain groups by the IRS brings with it concerns of the violation of freedom of religion as well as political choice. 

  • Technology and Soma

The employment of technological devices, games, and entertainment desensitize the residents of the New World so that are complacent with their lives.

The synthetic music plant was working as they entered the hall and left nothing to be desired.


the warm, the richly coloured, the infinitely friendly world of soma-holiday--

which is something like anti-depressants, keep the people from rebelling and being discontent.