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What were some political arguments between the North and South before the Civil War?

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While I agree with the facts of the first answer to this question, I struggle to wholeheartedly blame the institution of slavery for bringing about the Civil War. It's impossible to argue with the facts presented in the prior answer to this question.  Slavery was indeed the moral issue of the day; however, we must be careful not to oversimplify the underlying rift between North and South.

Southerners were, generally speaking of course, more politically conservative than Northerners.  This is a trend that exists even today.  The Bible Belt exists in the southern region of the U.S. and the Christian revivals that took place in the South prior to the Civil War indicate an overall devotion to faith and conservatism that was distinct from the North.  

We must also not forget the largely rural setting of the South and the much more urban setting of the North as another factor.  Southerners had to rely on themselves much more in their environment, and the threat of revolting slaves on...

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