What are some philosophical ideas about hoodoo?Not historical ideas, only philosophical.

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hoodoo is the use of magical methods to gain a specified outcome, and is not in itself considered good or evil. Practitioners can use the same spells for vastly different purposes. While Hoodoo has no structured text or organized practice, it is primarily based in Christianity, and much of it takes the philosophical view that all things are by God's will, whether good or bad. In this sense, Hoodoo contains an element of Determinism in that God's will is said to be involved in every outcome, regardless of moral, religious, or ethical intent.

The philosophical ideas involved in Hoodoo overlap with those of organized Christianity, and many practitioners define themselves as Christian regardless of their activities. While most Christian sects denounce the use of magic as witchcraft, Hoodoo is usually used as part of larger Christian practices; the art of exorcism has many parallels with Hoodoo.

As a separated philosophy, Hoodoo attempts to distill many different views of religion and the world while remaining distinct by itself. However, it is usually lumped in with forms of religion, most often Voodoo. Hoodoo is often mistaken for or mixed in with Voodoo, but the two are not directly related. Hoodoo is the art of magical practices drawing from many different sources, while Voodoo is a religion rooted in West Africa.

Generally speaking, Hoodoo is a tool used to perform magic, and therefore has no base alignment in good or evil; like a hammer, it can be used to construct a building or kill a man, but it in itself is not a good or evil thing.

prajo | Student

Hoodoo stands on the skewed logical premise that God must be both good and evil.That is,since both good and evil 'exist' in the world and,God being the creator of the 'world',evil or evil forces too 'belong'to HIM.The hoodoo practitioner is said invoke the evil forces of GOD for his chosen purposes.He is said to seek the help of holier forces too(Bible-'ask it shall be given',psalms etc.,).

In a sense,hoodoo seems to be a diluted form of indian tantric practices which are based on the philosophical concept that God can be realised through every path that includes the negative one aswell(say,'back door entry').However, sages of india advice the 'seekers'to choose always the 'main door entry' as the other one is extreamly difficult and fraught with dangers.