What is a short biography of John Green, author of Looking for Alaska?

Expert Answers
belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

John Green was born in Indianapolis and has lived in many other states. He is both an author and a video-blogger, one of the most-viewed on YoutTube with his early show Vlogbrothers as well as other videos. His work with YouTube and self-promotion over the Internet set an example for other authors, and video promotions for books is now standard practice. He has written a number of young-adult books, most notably Looking for Alaska, his first novel. He has won the Michael L. Printz Award, the Edgar Award, and has been a finalist twice for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize (Bio, johngreenbooks.com).

Although his novel Paper Towns was optioned for a movie, disagreements about the script has caused the project to be canceled. Aside from his writing, Green still creates video-blogs for YouTube with his brother, as well as collaborating with other young-adult authors. Green continues to run a website for his fans, called Nerdfighters, and produces new video material in a variety of formats. Green is married to Sarah Green, his wife, and has a son, Henry.