What are some personifications in Casey at the Bat?

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Personification is when human traits are given to something that is not human.  This poem contains lots of literary techniques along with personification.  There is simile (ex. "pall-like silence"); alliteration ("while the writhing pitcher"); rhyme (aabb ccdd etc.); and lots of imagery (use of the five senses to create a mental picture of the action).

If you really want to stretch the definition of personification, you might be able to apply it to the behavior of the crowd as a whole ("five thousand tongues applauded him"), but this is really a metaphor for the praise that the people gave him.  The tongues are part of the humans in the crowd, so I'm not sure that I would call this personification.

This poem is a narrative poem, so it also contains the basic elements of any story:  setting; character; conflict; exposition; rising action; climax; falling action; resolution.  Like other stories, it also contains dialogue.

Here are a few. Examine the last three stanzas for possible others.

hope which springs

grim melancholy sat;

a lusty yell;
It rumbled ..., it rattled ...;
It pounded ... and recoiled ...

echo answered "Fraud!"

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