What are some parallel events in A Separate Peace?

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susan3smith eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Two scenes that nicely parallel are the two injuries that Finny sustains. The first injury is Finny's fall from the tree.  In this incident Gene clearly jostled the limb causing Finny's fall.  The second scene is Finny's fatal injury, the one that leads to his death.  Finny is injured once more after the mock courtroom scene.  Here Gene is also the cause.  When the unmistakable truth of Gene's culpability in Finny's first fall is revealed, Finny falls once more.  The news of Gene's treachery causes Finny to rush out and fall.

Perhaps two other scenes that parallel are Gene's visits to Leper's house and Gene's visits to Finny's house.  In each, the truth is revealed and rejected.  Leper tells Gene tells about the horrors of boot camp and his knowledge that Gene is a savage underneath.  Gene reacts violently (Chapter 10)  Earlier, when Gene went to Finny's house (Chapter 5), he trieD to tell him the truth of the accident, and Finny reacted violently.

In each instance, neither Gene nor Finny is ready to accept the truth.

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