What are some paradoxes in the music industry?With your knowledge of the music industry, discuss the paradoxes an artist manager might have to deal with whilst trying to represent and earn revenue...

What are some paradoxes in the music industry?

With your knowledge of the music industry, discuss the paradoxes an artist manager might have to deal with whilst trying to represent and earn revenue with a contemporary music band or artist. This is in relation to Adorno's theory.

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Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To me, the biggest paradox for any artist, including musicians, is the compromise he must make between satisfying himself and satisfying his public (audience, fans).  A true musician plays out of love for the music and because he has something he wants to communicate; to market and sell what he truly loves may or may not be possible. This is the dance which so many young artists have to do in order to gain their success; once they have a loyal following, though, they often want to get back to "serious music" and lose some or many of those fans.  Look at all the teen sensations who eventually wanted to grow up, but their fans were resistant to the idea and they just faded away.  A musical artist never wants to compromise, which is why they spend so many years going virtually unnoticed as they play in small venues for minimal crowds until some breakthrough moment.  They don't need to compromise, as they come to the game fully formed, so to speak.  The rest are destined to live a life of compromise, it seems to me; and creativity, which should be the hallmark of a musician, gets lost in the scramble for fame and fortune.   

accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There seems to be a definite pressure and paradox in terms of the kind of image that a "successful" artist seems to need to present to be successful nowadays and sell music when compared with the scorn and derision that the media has of such antics as artists who take drugs and get drunk. Successful artists seem to be victims of their own success in that the wealth and fame that their talent has brought them effectively ends their freedom and also perhaps their ability to choose their own path and express their talent in the way they would like.

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I’m not sure if this is what you are asking, but one of the paradoxes in the music industry is how some performers can sing of love and wholesome ideas, but lived depraved lives. Another paradox of the music industry is those groups who create music that might be objectionable due to lyrics or ideas and insist it’s their freedom of speech, but they strenuously object when other use their freedom of speech to protest that type of music.

kmmccaul | Student

Many times female artists, especially young ones,  are pressured to be "sexy" in their songs, dancing, clothes and actions. This makes men want them, and women want to be them. However,  a new young girl with an overabundence of sex appeal will inevitably come out with a new song. The old "it" girls' "sexiness" becomes unbecoming. These girls are called partyers and are now trashy and "slutty." The same sex appeal that got them to the top also brings them down.