What are some of the new and good experiences Jonas and Gabe have on their journey?  

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jonas sees a lot of new and interesting things on his journey, but he is also in danger most of the time.  In the beginning, he and Gabe are chased by search planes.  They must also travel farther and faster than is comfortable for either of them.  They also have to sleep during the day and travel at night in the dark.  They slowly run out of food until they are freezing and starving to death.

Along the way, Jonas enjoys new sights such as hills and trees.  Jonas does not really see the new things as positive though, because he is always afraid.  “The unfamiliar landscape held hidden, unknown perils” (chapter 22).  As they go on, however, he is awed by birds and trees.  Jonas’s greatest happiness is in saving Gabriel.  He also has great pleasure in watching Gabe play and explore.

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