What are some negative aspects of the character Odysseus in The Odyssey? What flaws does he have?

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Odysseus is too boastful. This is seen when he foolishly tells the cyclops his name so that if anyone asks the cyclops who blinded him, he could tell them that it was Odysseus. Before boastfully revealing his true identity, Odysseus had cleverly tricked the cyclops into believing that his name was "Nobody." By giving his real name to the cyclops, Odysseus brings about his difficult journey home since the cyclops is the son of Poseidon (the god of the sea).

One could also argue that Odysseus, at times, is a bad guest. When he and his men break into the cyclops's cave, Odysseus demands a gift. While it was customary to give gifts to guests, it is a bit rude for a guest to demand one.

Another flaw in Odysseus's character is that he isn't open and trusting enough with his men. We see this when he does not tell his men what is in the bag given to him by Aeolus. When the ship is almost back to Ithaca, Odysseus falls asleep holding the bag of winds. His men jealously open the bag, thinking it contains gold. The winds are released, which carries the ship far from home again.

Finally, one could argue that Odysseus has moments in which he doesn't have control over his men, as seen when his men open the bag of Aeolus and when his men disobey him by killing the Cattle of Helios.

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