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Can you name some movies involving intercultural communication?

Expert Answers

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There are a number of possibilities depending on the aspects you want to emphasize. A story about communication or lack thereof between people of different heritages could emphasize their shared interests or the gulf between them.

One film that explores these themes effectively is Mississippi Masala, directedby Mira Nair. It tells the story of an Indian American woman and an African American man in Mississippi.

Another film you might consider is The Wedding Banquet, directed by Ang Lee, about a gay couple in New York. Lee explores the intersection of sexual orientation and national heritage, including generational differences.

An Oscar winner for best screenplay is Kumail Nanjiani's The Big Sick, directed by Michael Showalter. When his white girlfriend becomes ill with a life-threatening illness, an Indian American man is forced to confront her parents' biases as well as his own parents' expectations.

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