what are some motifs that can be used for a farewell to arms

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There are a few motifs that occur in A Farewell to Arms.Motifs are literary devices used to help advance the literary themes. The first one is masculinity. This novel has several minor male characters with examples of great manhood. Rinaldi is a very faithful friend but as the same time, a womanizer. Dr. Valentini has a complex and is a rival to Rinaldi to be the best surgeon. Valentini's bold attitude and competence makes him the best surgeon. Also, during the scene when Henry fires his gun at the fleeing sergeants, Bonello takes charge and shoots the fallen engineer in the head. 

Another motif is loyalty versus abandonment. This motif is common in any story about love and war. Heminway, in his novel, makes it clear that loyalty is a requirement of love and friendship than that of nations at war. Henry takes his duty as a lieutenant very seriously and refuses to take in the ideas that affect soldiers in combat.