What are some of the most significant plot points of Seabiscuit, in a nutshell? 

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Significant plot points . . . in a nutshell.

The main character is a man named Tom Smith.  His occupation is "horse whisperer."  The story takes place between the years 1929-1940. 

Smith is hired by Charles Howard.  Howard is a rich guy who wants to get into horse racing. Smith leaves on a horse finding trip to the East Coast, and comes across an over-raced horse named Seabiscuit.  For some reason, Smith thinks he can be a winner of a horse. 

Next step is to find a jockey. That jockey's name is Red Pollard. 

Next step, train horse and jockey.  End result: Seabiscuit is really fast.  

Next step: find race.  Take horse and jockey to Pimlico to participate in a match race against the current triple-crown winner, War Admiral. Result = Seabiscuit wins. The race was described by writers as "one of the greatest match races ever run in the ancient history of the turf." 

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