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What is an essential element of legacy that an educator can leave on the field of education?

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As education moves into different and new terrains, I tend to think that one of the most important element that an educator can leave as part of their legacy would be how to develop "best practices" in the community.  One of the realities that educators are finding is that as the demands become greater in being a quality educator, greater outreach between one another is needed.  This moves into the realm of peer coaching and greater discussion between one another about how to become more effective in the classroom.  Peer assisted review and peer coaching is one distinct way in which an educator can leave a legacy on the field of education:

MCEA’s President, Bonnie Cullison, expressed the view of many when she said, “I’m adamant that evaluation is about professional development.” PAR provides intensive assistance for new teachers and for experienced teachers who are referred to PAR by their principals.

In the desire to become better educators in a field where there are greater demands and greater pressure exerted, the legacy that an educator seeks to leave behind has to go beyond their students.  This is already understood.  Yet, in being able to peer coach and provide greater insight with colleagues by sharing best practices and providing greater moments for professional development, there can be a chance for a legacy to be left for more than a particular teacher's students.  The embrace of a larger view in which bonds are fostered between teachers is the best way to ensure that an effective teacher's legacy is present.

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