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What are some of the most important improvements a young adult can make becoming an older adult?   skills, abilities, and developments

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Keep in mind that during young adulthood there are parts of the brain that are not developed yet. The part of the brain that has not yet developed deals directly with impulse control, reasoning, and planning. It is believed that this part of the brain does not become fully developed until the individual is in their mid twenties. During this time is may be extra difficult for them to make responsible decisions. This is why is it very important for young adults to learn how to be responsible and decifer the difference between right and wrong. Learning how to be in control of oneself is also an improvement that can be made during this tranistion time.

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I assume you mean self-improvement and what skills you would need to succeed as you enter adulthood later on.  Of course, education is the key to student success.  That does not necessarily have to happen within school, and the skills of writing, criticalthinking as well as physical skills you can use in your life or career can be developed through experience too.  But taking every educational opportunity possible is the smartest personal investment you can make.

The ability to write and speak will serve you well in any number of situations, both personally, in future schooling and in your career.  Concentrate on those skills.  Also try to develop your own personal work ethic, a habit of studying and working that is consistent and productive.  This also will benefit you in every area of your life.  Lastly, I would spend time developing your relationships with friends and family.  This will give you a support system that will be there for you for the rest of your life, and is an important factor in your own happiness.

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Adolescence is the last step in the transition between childhood and adulthood. Sometimes adolescence can last into early adulthood. Adolescence is a time for young adults to think about their future, and start placing focus on the future. Choosing a career path is a crucial step here. Saving money also goes hand in hand with preparing for the future. Young adults should also start spending more time with older role models in order to transition into adulthood.

It is important for young adults to have a plan of action for their lives, or even multiple plans to choose from. Young adults should also learn to market themselves and present themselves in the best ways possible to future employers and even peers.

Coping with relationship issues is critical as relationships become more permanent and serious. Professional relationships also need to be better understood as adulthood happens.

Perhaps the most important skill necessary for transition into adulthood is developing skills to cope with stress and loss. As stress becomes a larger part of life in the adult workplace, it is important that one does not get bogged down by stress and instead finds ways to transform stress into useful energy or motivation. Loss happens more in adulthood for most people as well, so understanding the process of loss and grief is critical for emotional growth in adulthood.

The source cited below discusses changes from adolescence to adulthood in more detail.

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Since children tend to be naturally self-orientated, viewing the world subjectively, as youths grow older, the subjective thinking and perceptions need to be curbed; for, an objective perception of the world is the first step to success and happiness in life.  Self-control is also essential as a people who do not have control over their emotions often find themselves in conflicting situations which can result in broken relationships and loss of employment.

In order to develop thoroughly, people need to obtain educations through academics, travel, and interpersonal relationships.  The many experiences that can be acquired certainly assist people in reaching their potentials.  Learning to be a great listener is a definite asset as doing so improves a person's relationships at home and at work. 

Here are some of the skills of effective people, as listed on the site mentioned below:

  1. Having the ability to dream and envision ideas
  2. Being proactive, making things happen
  3. Possessing a positive self-image
  4. Setting goals for oneself
  5. Possessing self-direction
  6. Having a positive attitude, being optimistic
  7. Possessing tenacity; having mental toughness
  8. Possessing confidence
  9. Having an organized plan
  10. Having the ability to work well with others

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