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What are some modern examples of the multi-party system?

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In recent decades, the United States has had a two-party system, with the overwhelming majority of candidates being elected being members of the two major parties. The minor parties such as the Libertarians, Greens, and other smaller parties, rarely have significant effects on national or even statewide elections.

In contrast, countries with parliamentary political systems tend to have a wider range of parties, representing a greater spectrum of political opinions. In Canada, for example, there are currently three major national parties, the far left New Democratic Party (NDP), the Liberals and the Conservatives; there is also a Green Party that hovers close to 5 percent of the national vote in some years. On a regional level, the Bloc Québécois is important in Quebec, and dominated the region for several decades, while the Wildrose party has grown in power in Alberta in the past decade. 

Many European nations have multi-party systems and are governed by coalitions of several different parties. In Britain, the main parties are Labour and Tory, but the Liberal Democrats were actually part of a governing coalition with the Tories for several years. Other significant parties include the UKIP, a far right Eurosceptic party, and the Scottish Nationalist Party,  a left-leaning party that advocates Scottish independence. 

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There are several examples of the multi-party system throughout the history of the United States. Currently, we have two major political parties.  They are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Political parties formed to represent the interests of the people who are members of that party.

The Republican Party started in 1854. It was originally a party opposed to slavery. Today, the Republican Party tends to represent the interests of business and the wealthy. It supports conservative economic and social policies.  It also places an emphasis on religious values.

The Democratic Party formed in the 1830s. Today it tends to represent workers and middle-class people. It works to give those who aren’t as well-off a chance to be successful. It is a strong supporter of civil liberties and diversity.

In early American history, we also had political parties.  One party was called the Federalist Party. The other was called the Democratic-Republican Party. Each party also represented specifics groups and interests.

Other countries have multiple political parties also.  In England, there is the Conservative Party and the Labor Party. In Israel, many political parties also exist. The Likud Party and Labor Party are two major ones. The multi-party system allows people to join a party that best represents their needs, thoughts, and values.

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