What are some modern day examples of Macbeth? I've brainstormed a few already but I'd like your opinions! Apparently the most common ones are Tanya Harding, Scar and O.J. Simpson??

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I think there are many individuals who would characterize the current president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, as a modern-day Macbeth.

1. He was a political outsider before he came to power. Unlike the rest of the Republican field of candidates and the two Democratic candidates for the Oval Office, Trump had no congressional or governmental experience prior to his candidacy and subsequent election. Likewise, no one would have considered Macbeth as a possible king prior to Duncan's murder. When Duncan was alive, he'd named his older son, Malcolm, as his heir, and he even had a younger son, Donalbain, who would be in line for the throne before Macbeth (who was a more distant relative).

2. The Trump administration has also been responsible for the departure—whether it was voluntary or the person was fired—of many government officials such as U. Attorney General Sally Yates, Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, and FBI Director James Comey, to name a few. Just as many of the thanes who were...

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