What are some of the misunderstood dimensions of multicultural education being implemented incorrectly (and how can teachesr ensure correctly facilitating them in their classroom)?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The greatest misunderstanding about multiculturalism is that it insures all cultures are left alone to do as their cultures demand. Some people believe that multiculturalism means to allow others to celebrate, practice, and live the lives their cultures promote. Another misconception regarding multiculturalism is that it forces change upon different cultures (desiring uniformity throughout the whole). 

A multicultural classroom embraces and educates on different cultures (it does not only teach tolerance). The teacher in the multicultural classroom is familiar with the different cultures and traditions of the students in the classroom. Students are taught about the different cultures and begin dialogues with each other to promote understanding. These students share their different cultures, beliefs, and practices in order to give others a larger picture of the world. It is not about the passé "melting pot" ideology which "forces" people to become similar.