What are some missed opportunities in Night

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I will take the question to mean missed opportunities for escape or to resist by the Jews of Sighet.

Foreign Jews including Moishe the Beadle were supposedly expelled from Sighet by the Hungarian police. However while on the journey, the Jews realized that it was all a ploy and the main objective of the Hungarian police was to hand them over to the Nazis who murdered most of them. Moishe the Beadle was able to escape the death trap and made his way back to Sighet. He tried to warn the Jews who were left behind about the impending invasion and murder by the Nazis but they failed to take heed until the “transports” arrived in Sighet.

Eliezer asked his father if they could liquidate their assets and move to Palestine. His father rejected the proposal claiming his advance age would be a challenge. Little did he know about the pain and misery his family was about to endure at the hands of the Nazis.

The Fascist Party seizure of power did not spur the Jews into action. The German troops entered Hungary and tales from Budapest showed an increase in anti-Semite activities. The Jews still remained optimistic and ignored the developments at a time when they should have been planning their resistance or escape.

Eliezer’s father had a friend in the Hungarian police who attempted to make contact in keeping his promise to warn them of any danger. The police officer supposedly knocked on a sealed window but by the time they opened the person had left. Eliezer stated that they still had an opportunity to flee if only they got a chance to talk to the Hungarian officer.

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