What are some metaphors that are used in"Eva is Inside Her Cat"?

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"Eva Is Inside her Cat" is a short story by Gabriel García Márquez in which metaphors communicate action, subtext, style, and tone.

The story opens with the following line:

All of a sudden she noticed that her beauty had fallen all apart on her, that it had begun to pain her physically like a tumor or a cancer.

Later, García Márquez writes that "Her beauty collapsed on her." Beauty is something that typically fades or wanes due to the passage of time and factors of aging. Objects, such as clothing and machines, can literally fall apart. García Márquez crafts a metaphor that compares Eva's beauty to that of a machine or object in her service that has disintegrated, or whose structural integrity has withered to the point where it is ineffective and unusable. García Márquez uses metaphors to compare Eva's beauty to objects that suffer structural damage and collapse; these characterize the ways in which Eva's beauty, though once fundamental to her identity, is now a burden causing pain,...

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