What are some metaphors in "The Remarkable Rocket" by Oscar Wilde?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I share your inability to find metaphors in this excellent short story. My suggestion, however, is that if you are focussing on figurative language in your work, consider the use of similes in this story. Whilst there appear to be no metaphors, there is an abundance of similes, and let us remember that the only difference between metaphors and similes is the absence of the "like" or "as" in the metaphors. Both take one object and compare one aspect of it to another object that we would not normally associate with the first object, forcing us to see the comparison.

Consider some of the following examples of similes in the text. The sledge that bears the princess to her new home is "shaped like a great golden swan," she herself is "as pale as the Snow Palace" where she lived and the people say she is "as white as a rose." Likewise we are told that the prince's hair was "like fine gold." These are just a few examples from the first two paragraphs, but there are many other similes, so hopefully you will be able to identify a few more from the text for your work. Good luck!

annikin88 | Student

Thank you so much, I was finding many similes but was struggling to find metaphors. Your resonse answers my questions though, so thanks a lot (: