What are some meaningful quotes in the book Jubilee?

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A memorable line for me in Margaret Walker's novel Jubilee is at the very end of the novel when Vyry has arrived at her new home:  "Vyry stood and looked over the red-clay hills of her new home where the shadows of the tall pine trees were following the sun to darkness and to sleep."  The imagery in the line creates a tone of warmth which heightens the feelings that the reader already has for Vyry as her journey comes to an end.  The reader rejoices with Vyry because Vyry has come out of slavery, the war and all its tribulations, and the ardous trek to find a new home.  Vyry is now in a place where she is in charge of her own destiny, and the setting of the sun suggests the end of times past and the coming dawn of a new reality for Vyry and her family.