What are some Marez vs. Luna scenes in the novel "Bless Me, Ultima"?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Marez vs. Luna scenes present the opposing forces of the sea vs. the moon, freedom vs. domesticity, adventure vs. the earth.  Antonio feels the pull of both influences in the heritages received from his father and his mother, and the book is filled with scenes which demonstrate the contrast.

In his dreams, Antonio's parents argue over which influence is stronger in their youngest son, especially in the matter of religion.  Antonio's mother says, "my Antonio...we who were baptized in the water of the moon which was made by our Holy Mother the Church are saved", while his father retorts, "Lies! Antonio was not baptized in the holy water of the moon, but in the salt water of the sea" (Once).

When Ultima speaks to Antonio and his father about her wish to be cremated after her death, Antonio's father expresses his approval, pointing out that the forces of Marez vs. Luna would be in harmony in such a ritual.  He says, "it is a good way to return to the earth...this way the spirit soars immediately into the wind of the llano, and the ashes blend quickly into the earth" (Veinte).

At the end of the book, Antonio's father explains the necessity for the forces of Marez vs. Luna to be reconciled.  He tells Antonio, "I came from a people who held the wind as brother, because he is free...and your mother...came from men who hold the earth as brother...perhaps it is time we gave up the old differences" (Veintidos).