From Lois Lowry's The Giver, what are some examples of man vs. society?

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The conflict of man vs. society can also mean the difference between an individual's preferences or choices pitted against the values or traditions of a community or government. A dystopian society usually suppresses the individual's desire to express one's self through passion, choice, or preference--which is is exactly how Jonas's world is run.

From the very beginning, children are deposited with parental units who are not their birth parents. This limits personal bonding to allow caregivers to make objective choices in favor of society's goals rather than the family's. If there is ever a question of loyalty between family and society, for example, it would be easy to tell a child that community is even more important from family simply from the objective structure of the family. 

Additionally, children are brought up to comply to strict rules of social behavior, such as being...

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