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What are some major themes that Katherine Mansfield has used throughout a majority of her texts? I am trying to find ways to connect her texts and I'm looking for themes & different techniques that she has used.

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A major theme in Mansfield’s work is that of the young (usually female) protagonist learning about the world, becoming aware of the complexities and the darker side of life and human nature. This applies, for example to Laura in 'The Garden Party', who is confronted with the reality of death. Death unexpectedly intrudes itself on the sparkling social event of the garden party; the youthful Laura therefore learns about the deeper truths which show up the superficiality of social conventions and routines. 'Her First Ball' features another glittering social occasion, the ball, which the young Leila awaits with tremendous anticipation; she is caught up in the glamour and excitement of it all, but also awakens to the harsher realities of old age and world-weariness when she meets an unattractive, middle-aged, disillusioned man.

Another recurring theme is that of class divisions. In 'The Doll’s House', the child protagonist Kezia Burnell is abruptly confronted with social prejudice when the...

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