What are some major themes in the book?

Expert Answers
eleniloporto eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The theme of a novel is implied.  This means it is not usually directly stated in a short story or a novel.

You read the book and you realize something.  It is "the author's message" to you.  You can watch and see how the main character learns something and changes.  If you look closely, at how the main character changes you will often see the "theme" of a novel emerge.

The plot of a novel refers to the action of the novel.  It is "who does what to whom".  It is what happens in a story. it is very different from the author's message or the theme.

The theme is much more about "why" a character is transformed or changed.

jarumi344 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Of course this answer will vary based on the book you are reading, but here are some guidelines for theme: -There will be more than one in each text. -A true theme will be universal ... it can be applied to the text you are reading, as well as other texts. -It will contain a lesson about life or human nature.