Identify a critical, yet controversial theme in Zakaria's Post-American World.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that Zakaria's contention of "the rise of the rest" would be one of the most essential and controversial points.  The transformative element of how "the rest" is emerging into the world marketplace and the world calculus is something that causes individuals to reconfigure as to how the world is seen.  The emergence of nations like India, China, and Brazil as part of the new marketplace and part of the new global setting is a powerful one.  For so long, the venue of world power had been restricted to a small group of nations.  Countries with huge population centers, growing purchasing powers, and growing influence on the world marketplace are elements that all give credence to the "rise of the rest."  This emergence transforms how Americans and America see themselves and itself in this configuration.  This might be where controversy also emerges.  This configuration does not lend itself to the American Exceptionalism argument.  The "rise of the rest" is something that blunts the notion of American Exceptionalism, in so far as it does not justify American superiority.  This might be one of the controversial points emerging out of Zakaria's book that also serves as one of its major themes.