What are some major events that shape Westley's character? How do they do so?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One major event that shapes his life is his early affection for Buttercup.  The entire premise of his being in "As you wish" helps to guide his life throughout the narrative.  Westley's character is impacted in his love for Buttercup as it is the one element that remains as a part of his psyche from start to finish.  Another major event that impacts Westley's life is his becoming the Dread Pirate Roberts, after the previous incarnation opted for retirement.  In his form as Dread Pirate Roberts, Westley is able to rescue Buttercup from her captivity, again being able to demonstrate his love for her.  Finally, Westley's interactions with Fezzik and Inigo are significant because they help to bring him back to life once he is imprisoned by the Prince and because they recognize their need for a leader.  It is here in which Westley has moved from lowly farmhand to the leader of men.  All the while in this process, his love for Buttercup has animated him and driven him to be more and want more because of his desire to represent more as he sees himself through her eyes.  In these events, Westley's character is shaped, with the constant element of his love for Buttercup never far from his essence.

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