What are some major events in Kate DiCamillo's Because of Winn-Dixie?

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The book is entitled Because of Winn-Dixie because after naming and adopting the ugly, stray dog she finds at the Winn Dixie grocery store, the lonely, awkward Opal opens up and starts making friends with all kinds of people and misfits like her. The other important events in the book pertain to the breakthroughs that she has with these characters when she learns about secrets from their past, how they have similar feelings and experiences to her, and why she shouldn't judge them. For example, when Opal starts working at the pet store to afford a leash for Winn Dixie, she discovers that Otis, the ex-convict, has a special talent. When the librarian, Miss Fanny, gives her a lozenge candy that her great grandfather invented, she discovers that it has a secret ingredient that reminds people of something sad, and through the candy she learns more about a tragedy in each character's past that has affected them and made them who they are today. This new knowledge helps her understand her own...

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