What were some major achievements of Julius Caesar?

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pholland14 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Julius Caesar's most famous accomplishments were on the battlefield.  He successfully invaded Gaul, present-day France and Belgium.  This is important because the tribes there attacked Rome.  Caesar also invaded the British Isles and established a pro-Roman leader there.  Caesar also emerged victorious in the Roman civil war and established Cleopatra as the Queen of Egypt.  Domestically, Caesar instituted financial reforms in order to stabilize the Roman economy.  Caesar provided his soldiers with new settlements and provided housing for families with three or more children.  He taxed imported luxury items which encouraged domestic production.  Caesar extended Roman citizenship to those outside of Italy.  He rebuilt the cities of Corinth and Carthage.  Caesar also created the Julian calendar.  Caesar became consul of Rome and emperor and was known for his great oratorical skills.  He also wrote histories, most famously his history of the Gallic War.