What are some mainly important arguments in the Communist Manifesto?

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The communist manifesto attempts to explain the basic tenets of Communism. It argues that class struggle has been the driving force of history, and that the sides are determined by the era’s means of production. A revolution occurs when one side emerges as the ruling one. Karl Marx, the pamphlets author, said that the industrial world was characterized by class conflict between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. He suggests that a class war is coming where the proletariat will lead a revolution and emerge as the dominant class.

Marx recognizes though that this working class has no way of appropriating property since they do not own anything themselves, so they will have to destroy all private ownership and therefore class itself will disappear.

The manifest argues that Capitalism is unstable and that a movement to Communism is inevitable. They also argue that only revolution can bring these changes.


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