What are some of the main themes explored in Art Spiegelman's graphic novel, 'Maus'?  

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Maus is an iconic graphic novel by Art Spiegelman that chronicles the tale of Vladek Spiegelman, a Jew who survived Nazi Germany. Vladek is Art Spiegelman's father, and the story is narrated by Art as Vladek tells him his story.

The book can be considered a historical memoir, and many of the themes in the book lean on history to derive meaning. The tale not only tells Vladek's story, but also the story of the father-son relationship between Art and Vladek. Spiegelman uses historical plot structures of World War Two history and the father-son relationship to craft a few main themes throughout the work.
Alienation between humans; Racism
With much of the story set in Nazi Germany, it is not surprising that racism is a central theme in Maus . Spiegelman anthropomorphizes various animals to represent different ethnic races. For example, people of German descent...

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