What are some main or important arguments in The Communist Manifesto?

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A manifesto is a document stating the core beliefs of a movement, be it artistic or political.

The Communist Manifesto, published in 1948, states the core Marxist belief that history is on an unstoppable path toward communism, a stateless society without private property and characterized by social and economic equality.

Right now, the manifesto argues, history is in a capitalist stage, in which a few very wealthy people, called the bourgeoisie, own the means of production and have cornered most of the capital (money and resources) in the society. They exploit the masses of people who actually create their wealth through labor.

The bourgeoisie are afraid of the "specter" of communism, which is casting its shadow across Europe, and so are producing lies about the communist movement—lies which the manifesto dispels. Communism is not about "free love," for example. It is about state ownership of banks and large industries, the end of child labor, free universal education, and the end of...

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