What are some of the main events of the BFG?

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gkopf eNotes educator| Certified Educator
  1. Orphan Sophie sees a giant out her window at the orphanage.
  2. Sophie is taken by the giant.
  3. The giant introduces himself as the "Big Friendly Giant" or BFG.
  4. The Bloodbottler, a mean giant, visits the BFG.  Sophie must hide in a snozzcumber.
  5. Sophie is introduced to Wizzpopping using a soda-like drink called frobscottle.
  6. The BFG takes Sophie to Dream Country and shows her how he catches dreams.
  7. In Dream Country, they meet other mean giants. Using a nightmare, the BFG distracts the evil giants.
  8. Sophie asks the BFG if they can warn the Queen of England of the evil giants.  The BFG creates a nightmare for the Queen of England, to show her the existence of evil giants.
  9. The Queen believes in her nightmare, warns other rulers.
  10. The evil giants are caught and imprisoned.  The Fleshlumpeater is the hardest the capture, but is eventually caught.
  11. The BFG is given a house next to Sophie's house.  He writes a book about their time together.
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